Saturday, June 14, 2014

Music's most prominent foreheads

Another frivolous Music Weird post. Two in one month! Shameful. 

I saw this Roger Williams album at a thrift store this week and started thinking about the most prominent foreheads in music.

Roger Williams – Country Style
Emma Bunton – Life in Mono
Diebold & Co. – Set Me Free


Ruby McKellar – Ruby McKellar Sings Camp Meeting Style
Leroy Pullins – I'm a Nut

Beth Hollis – Until Sunrise (courtesy
Shep Fields – Rippling Rhythm in Hi-Fi

Heino – Liebe Mutter...

Terry Riley – A Rainbow in Curved Air
Adele – 21
Phil Collins – No Jacket Required

Britney Spears – In the Zone (I love this album, BTW)
Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack Coneheads

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