Saturday, February 24, 2018

Magnetic Fields 1998 US tour postcard from Merge Records

Digging through my records today, I found this 1998 Magnetic Fields tour postcard from Merge Records. I looked online and couldn't find any images or mentions of it, so I'm putting it here for anyone who's interested.

I had seen the Magnetic Fields perform in 1997 at Sudsy Malone's Rock 'n' Roll Laundry & Bar—literally a laundromat/concert venue in Cincinnati, Ohio—as part of a triple bill with Yo La Tengo and the Ass Ponys. Yo La Tengo headlined and Magnetic Fields played in the middle. At the time I was a big Ass Ponys and Magnetic Fields fan but kind of lukewarm on Yo La Tengo, a band that I nevertheless managed to see live three or four times.

I don't have that PO box anymore, so don't try to write to me there.

Magnetic Fields weren't touring to support a new album in 1998. Their last album at that time, Get Lost, had come out in 1995, and their next album, 69 Love Songs, wouldn't be released until 1999. 

They had released a new single on Merge in 1998, though: "I Don't Believe You." It was a song that they would later re-record and include on the 2004 album i. The B-side was "When I'm Not Looking, You're Not There." Both can be heard below. So, I guess this postcard is from the "I Don't Believe You" tour?

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  1. I was at that show too! I grew up in Cincinnati. Nice finding this!